Discover the highest 9-hole course in Europe!

Go through each hole of the course one by one to know all the details and avoid being caught off guard once on the course…

Hole #01

For this hole number 01, the Golf de La Rosière offers a start under pressure, since you will be starting from one of the hardest holes of the course: 160m long with a slight uphill. With a tree guarding the green, a bunker on your left-hand side, and bit of camber towards the right, the tactical choice will be crucial! A bogey isn’t too bad to begin with…

Hole #02

This downhill hole possess one of the greatest views of the course, but don’t get too distracted by the groundhogs, stroking too long will quickly end up punished out of bonds!

To summarize quickly: plenty of birdies or double bogeys occasions on this hole 02…

Hole #03

The oldest hole of the Golf de La Rosière. The good iron drivers shouldn’t be in much trouble there. For the others, watch out for the bunker and the hill 20m before the green!

Hole #04

The hole 04 is the shortest of the course, with a slight downhill, but is nonetheless not the easiest! After crossing the path, the small green will only hold the best shot balls.

Hole #05

This long downhill par 3 will once again demand a strong depth control; the safe way being on the right of the green on this hole!

Hole #06

This hole 06 will ask a tiny bit of effort to reach the tee pad, but the satisfaction of a great shot on this downhill hole will easily make up for it!

Caution, it is preferable to aim the right-hand side bunker, much safer place than potential shots ending out of bounds or the left-hand side of the course… Hole in One amateurs, now’s your time to shine!

Hole #07

The n°1 handicap of the Golf de La Rosière!

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most difficult by its length, its downward vertical drop, the tiny size of the green, but also its absence of fairway on the right- and left-hand side, its out of bounds at the back, and last but not least, its tricky bunker exit!

One quick advice: stay straight and short on this hole (Hole in ones still being possible) if you do not want to ruin your scorecard!

Hole #08

Hole without any particular difficulty if you are not concerned by its uphill.

Caution though, a putt a little too nudgy and your ball can quickly get off the green.

Hole #09

Do not dream of a birdie before starting off that hole!

Indeed, you will have to handle the bunker, the small hill before the green but also some hard to read putts. If your wedges are on point, then a par is practically guaranteed.