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Discover the scorecard of the Golf de La Rosière course and download the document in PDF format in order to write down your scores.

Scorecard of the 9-hole course of the Golf de La Rosière

Local rules of the Golf de La Rosière

  • The ball must be placed on the fairways one scorecard length away.
  • Holes n° 2, 4, 5, 6, 9 : the balls located on a part of the course with abnormal conditions will be played from the dedicated dropping zone or, failing that, from the nearest relief point. No penalty.
  • The cables and pillars are considered as immovable obstacles: the balls hitting them must be replayed without penalty.
  • Hole n° 7 : Any ball lying in a stream or a drain (even if dry) unmarked by red poles = drop from a club-length without penalty.