Thanks to visionary actors of the resort, La Rosière is lucky to have a 9-hole FFGolf approved course.

Located at an altitude of 2000m, overlooking the Mont-Pourri and the Tarentaise valley, this golf is one of the most beautiful mountain courses in France.

All that was missing at the Golf de La Rosière was a practice and a Club-House to offer the best golfing experience possible.

The driving range was opened in the summer of 2020 thanks to the Town Hall and the Tourist Office.

In order to undertake and finance the construction of the Club-House, the city has decided to launch a Public Service Delegation. A subsidiary of the Domaine Skiable de La Rosière and SOFIVAL was selected after a call for tenders to manage the golf during 30 years and finance the construction of the Club-House.

The construction has started in May 2021. It represents a total budget of 2 800 000€ excluding tax over two years, 2021 and 2022.

Futur club house du Golf de La Rosière
Future club house of the Golf de La Rosière

The construction of this Club-House, and the operation of the Golf de La Rosière, will be exemplary in terms of respect of the environment.

Thus, from the year 2021, the following works and actions have been engaged:

  • Application and obtaining of the FFGolf biodiversity Bronze label in partnership with the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle.
  • Creation of a 9th hole with a new green that will be opened in summer 2022.
  • 0 plastic approach on the golf and the Club-House.
  • 0 phytosanitary products approach.
  • Creation of 2 ponds to enhance the area and promote the biodiversity.
  • Installation of recharging stations for electric bikes.
  • Connection of the golf course watering system to the artificial snow network.
  • Differentiated management of watering according to the course areas.
  • Environmentally friendly building: rainwater retention from the roof, wood pellet boiler, composting of organic waste for reuse on the golf course, landscape integration with the use of local materials for the facades, etc.
  • And many more…

A new logo has been created, as well as a brand new redesigned website you are currently browsing.

This Club-House will host a restaurant (90 seats inside, 150 on the terrace) that will be inaugurated in December 2022.

The restaurant will also be open all summer long when the golf course is open (lunch and dinner) and in the winter for skiers and pedestrians (lunch).

With the construction of this Club-House, the Golf de La Rosière will be equipped with a real tool for golfers and summer tourists.