Towards a more responsible golf!

The Golf de La Rosière aims to become an exemplary golf course in terms of respect of the environment.

The world of golf is entirely concerned by the evolution of mentalities in terms of the environment, and this has been effectively translated into the drafting of the FFGolf’s national “Golf and Environment” charter and the 2017 Guide to Environmental Management of Golf Areas. We make sure we apply these principles as closely as possible on a daily basis.

In La Rosière, this concern is even greater given the winter issues that combine with those of the golf course in the summer, making La Rosière a tourist destination that is exemplary in terms of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Concretely, what are the actions taken and principles defended by the Golf de La Rosière?

The maintenance is carried out in zero phyto

The Golf de La Rosière is a mountain golf course where the clients expectations is compatible with the non-use of these phytosanitary products.  On this aspect too, opinions are changing. Golfers pay more attention now to the respect of the environment and a spotless and shiny green is not a crucial criteria to them anymore.

In parallel of this action, the Golf de La Rosière benefits from the provision of manure out of the manure farm of the Châtelard from the ski resort. As for green waste, they are also part of a mutualisation project with the ski resort.

The watering of the golf is managed wisely

Watering of the greens and the tees.
No watering of the fairways.
The Golf de La Rosière thus applies the principle of differentiated management, aiming not to apply the same intensity or maintenance according to the type of zone and its use.

Harmony with nature is part of golfing’s tradition and its pleasure

The natural spaces of golf courses are havens where fauna and flora can thrive. They are present during the winter on our ski resort, but also during the summer on the golf course. We feel particularly responsible of these protection challenges and are aiming to extend the Environmental Observatory, in collaboration with the EPODE firm, on this specific aspect in relation with the golf.

Next to this action, the Golf de La Rosière is committed, as early as this summer 2021, to the creation of 2 ponds (located East of the 4th hole green and East of the 3rd hole tee) which will allow to create suitable habitats to certain endangered species such as the Common frog.These ponds will be constructed in order not to constitute wildlife traps: gentle, vegetalized and not very slippery banks with covering of the waterproofing membrane of the pond, creation of exits and natural stairs, etc…

The importance of the obtention of a biodiversity label

The Golf de La Rosière was officially awarded the Bronze Golf for Biodiversity label by the French Golf Federation and the National Museum of Natural History in March 2022.

This label testifies to the voluntary commitment of the Golf de La Rosière to improve the knowledge, preservation and enhancement of the natural heritage present on this Savoyard golf course, born in 1989. Through this label, the golf course undertakes to share and strengthen its maintenance practices that are favourable to the fauna and flora and to raise players’ awareness of biodiversity issues.

This label is based on a voluntary approach by the clubs and consists of three progressive levels of commitment.

A future clubhouse in harmony with its environment

Our future clubhouse has been designed to be environmentally friendly. From an architectural point of view, it will be completely integrated into the landscape thanks to the use of local materials for the facades. All rainwater collected on the roof will be used to supply the watering system, and organic waste will be collected, composted and reused to fertilise the golf courses. In addition, the building will be heated naturally by the use of a wood pellet boiler.

The golf is committed to a zero plastic approach.

No plastic water bottle will be sold. Starting summer 2021, reusable bottles branded to the Golf de La Rosière will be sold to the golfers, should they forget their own.

Pens used for the scorecards will be made in non-treated wood and not in plastic, as well as tees.

Towards more accessibility

The chemin du Golf is a superb access road to the golf. The asphalt is recent, the path is pleasant. With the development of eMTB (electrically assisted MTBs), the access to the golf is quick from the resort. It is the reason why, starting summer 2021, a charging station, with 3 charging points, will be accessible for all.

And you, how can you help us?

By adopting the “10 gestures of the eco-golfer” you can greatly contribute to the improvement of the environmental transition, and by transmitting it to the youngest.